Fish factory - Production worker

Job description

DB-Partner has many clients in the fish industry in different locations in Norway. For the time to come we are facing an increased number of assignments.

DB-Partner will employ new workers. Preferably we are looking for workers with work experience from the food industry, especially fish industry.
Most of our clients are handling farmed salmon, for export all over the world.

Db-partner har mange kunder innenfor havbruksnæringen med forskjellig lokasjon i kyst-Norge. For tiden søker vi gode arbeidere som kan fylle disse stillingene med erfaring fra næringsmiddelindustrien, spesielt havbruksnæringen.

Must have experience within this:

Må ha:

Job requirements

Wanted qualifications:

  • Adult, minimum 20 year
  • D-Number or personal number
  • Fluently English spoken language or Norwegian.
  • A high level of industrial food safety understanding
  • Fork lift driver. Valid fork lift license is required, maximum of 10 tons (not requierd, but an advantage)
  • No criminal record
  • Valid legal stay in Norway
  • Good physics
  • Flexible

Ønskede kvalifikasjoner:

  • Minimum 20 år
  • Personnummer eller D-Nummer
  • Flytende engelsk eller norsk
  • Truckførerbevis
  • Forståelse for produksjonsarbeid
  • God fysikk
  • Fleksibel

Your experiences must be well documented and described through your CV/application and references.

For some of our clients, we need people that have a valid background check from the Norwegian CAA (Luftfartstilsynet), or at least can obtain the background check.
To get a background check the candidate has to be able to document the last 5 years through certificates, school documents or similar.
It is also necessary to get a police/criminal certificate from every country that you have lived in for over 6 months in the last 5 years. If this is not possible for you, please state this in your application.

The duration of DB-Partner assignment has variations.
The assignment may be both extended, or DB-Partner may offer assignments on other locations of Norway.

Basis salary, consistent to union wages, minimum NOK 189,30/hour + experience
evening shift is 20% extra
50% and 100% over time

DB-Partner offers help finding suitable accommodation nearby work location.
Transport cost to location site is covered by the worker.
We advise arrival by and to have access to a personal car. Some locations of the working sites are not in walk-distance to living places.